Crazy Idea: Recharge Elite Skills by Gaining Experience

The elite skills shown in the Guild Wars 2 demo take 12 minutes to recharge.  The issue I have with this is that long recharge times encourages waiting between fights, and that’s boring.

If winning a fight is never worth waiting long, the long recharge times won’t be an issue, but that would be another issue on its own.  Similarly, if you have sufficient incentive to keep moving all the time, it wouldn’t be an issue, but I’m not sure that would be practical or desirable.

The change I’m suggesting is to make elite skills recharge not over time, but as you gain experience – much like paying off your death penalty in the original Guild Wars. That way there’s no reason to sit around and wait.

The experience rewards from finishing a quest mean you’d probably want to use your elite before then, and it would recharge significantly (perhaps all the way) at the end. That seems like a nice effect. Experience from feats would mean that elites would be a bit easier to recharge before you’ve accomplished the easy feats that day; if a hard dungeon is best attempted in your first session of the day, that seems obnoxious (though still better than significant waiting between fights).  It might be best to exclude experience from feats, though I dislike the extra complication.  In general, balancing experience rewards to work well both for recharge and advancement could be an issue.

I don’t know that the change would work in PvP, but I suspect elites will be balanced significantly differently in PvP regardless. In World vs. World long recharge times seem like they would be fine, and I’m not sure how experience would work.


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