The Extended Experience and Guild Wars 1

So ArenaNet has talked quite a bit about the extended experience for Guild Wars 2.  One interesting bit of info was from a video interview at PAX that “eventually, it will work across games, so it will work between Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2.”  This got me thinking about what I’d like to see from the extended experience for Guild Wars 1.

Mostly what I came up with is tools to make my preparation and planning easier. A build planner that lets me decide what skills and items I want – something I currently use the wiki for. A model viewer, that lets me see how a character would look with any combination of armor, weapons, and dye. A tool to manage my inventory, across all my characters and storage.

The Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator fits in this same category, and I’m happy to see it.  A nice improvement would be to add to the game a to do list (possibly working like the quest log) that the reward calculator adds to.  The other tools I mentioned could also work with this – adding items to the list for unlocking a skill you need, or acquiring a specific piece of armor or a weapon, or taking items to a collector. Ideally these would all give you pointers on how to go about them the same way a quest does – possibly the same sort of info you could get from the wiki, with pointers to in-game locations when appropriate. Having links in the wiki to add things to your to do list where appropriate would also be nice – to kill a specific boss, or acquire a skill, or whatever.  Being able to add any arbitrary reminder of your own to the to do list could also be useful.


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