Thoughts on World of Warcraft

I’ve been somewhat interested in trying WoW for a long time; when it was on sale for $5, I started my free trial and then bought it.

I’m not really a fan.  The biggest issue was that I didn’t enjoy the basic combat much – I think it needs more variety and interesting choices. In particular, making a normal fight be 1 on 1 means the basic question of who to attack first that is common in Guild Wars is missing.

Also, I don’t understand the game’s fundamental design – an online persistent world means sacrificing a lot compared to a single-player RPG. You get respawning enemies, the world never really changes, and so on. In return, you get to have other people around. But since WoW’s online persistent world is designed for solo players, having other people around never seems to give any benefit. Even playing with a friend didn’t make the open world more fun, because working together to kill enemies meant they died way too quickly.

I did like the quest system – it was always quick and easy to make progress. The world was beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing new areas.


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