Thoughts on Professions

So a couple of months after Hunter, here’s my thoughts on the different professions.

Elementalist—My main in Guild Wars, I’ll definitely be playing one again. I like the versatility, and look forward to having a lot of skills to learn for each combat. A little concerned that the fewer weapon sets available will mean less completely changing how the character plays over the course of the game.

Mesmer—Looks excellent. Another one I plan to play.

Necromancer—Looks fine, but doesn’t grab me, so I probably won’t play this one. But I’ll check it out in a beta weekend event, and see if my mind changes.

Engineer—Gameplay looks fun, but I do not like the flavor. No problem with tech, but I want it to be distinct from magic, and have a consistent feel as to what it can accomplish. Engineer seems to be a grab-bag of vaguely tech-flavored things that seemed cool; looks to me like a failure of word-building (or at least a decision to ignore it in favor of gameplay).

Ranger—I like the theme and pets, and sword and greatsword look excellent. The first axe skill, Ricochet, looks so ridiculous I’ll probably try to completely avoid that weapon.

Thief—I’m hopeful that the random nature of steal will help make fights different from each other. I’m not sure how initiative will play out—I’m concerned you won’t have as much incentive to use all your skills as other classes, and that could reduce variety. But if you use a different subset of your skills each fight, and all of them have a place sometimes, that could be great.

Warrior—Like the number of different weapons available. My issue with the class is similar to the engineer—too many of the skills seem like magic to me (Greatsword as boomerang; smashing the ground for an AoE, etc.). I’d really like more distinction between this class and the spell-casters.

Guardian—Doesn’t really grab me, but looks fine. I’ll probably play one in order to have a heavy armor character, but it probably won’t be my main.

Assuming we get five slots, I’ll probably make all but Engineer, Warrior, and Necromancer.¬† Though my main goal during the beta weekend events will be to check out all the options.


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