Character Creation UI

So one of the main components of a character creation system is selecting an option from a list of possibilities, for faces, hair styles, and so on. I always go through all the possibilities, noting the ones that I like, and then comparing those ones to each other until I narrow it down to the one I like the most.

I’ve never seen a user interface designed for this behavior though. I’d prefer not to have to make mental notes. What I’d like to see is buttons to go to the next or prior item in the list, and a button to reject an option, causing it to be skipped by the next and prior buttons.

So the first trip through the list for each item I’d hit either the next item button or the reject item button (and each should have a keyboard shortcut).  Narrowing it down after that would frequently involve going back and forth between two options until I decided which I preferred.

Readers, how do you create characters? Is this something you’d like to see?


One comment on “Character Creation UI

  1. Varg says:

    I really like this idea; I make characters in exactly the same way.

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