Racial Skill Balance

So it seems racial skills may be less powerful than profession skills — for example, TotalBiscuit reports the developers told him that in this video. That seems clearly better than racial skills being overpowered, but clearly worse than racial skills being balanced.

I’m hoping this is something of a misunderstanding, and the situation is more like what was explained in this interview from over two years ago — racial skills are underpowered compared to a skill given by a profession that is strong in that area, but balanced for professions that are normally weak in that area.

What I’d really like to see, though, is to split racial skills for different professions, so they are always a balanced option. The easiest way, if it works, would be to just alter the recharge. So for example Prayer to Kormir could have a noticeably shorter recharge for a Guardian than for a Thief, since the Guardian’s existing options for removing conditions are more numerous and powerful.


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