[GW2] Human Non-Elite Racial Skills Are Boring

Prayer to Dwayna is the simplest self-heal in Guild Wars 2, doing nothing beyond healing you. As a racial skill, it’d be nice if it had more flavor and excitement. Here are a few ways I’ve thought of to improve it:

  1. Make it usable while downed. (This seems very appropriate for prayers.)
  2. Let it heal a downed player in addition to you, if you use it while reviving them.
  3. Have it heal downed players around you.

Prayer to Kormir (which removes three conditions) and Prayer to Lyssa (which gives you a random boon and an enemy a random condition) also could use a little more spice. I like the idea of all of them becoming usable while downed, but I think the effects of Prayer to Kormir and Prayer to Lyssa would need to change to make that work well. (Can you have conditions or boons while downed? I’m not sure.)

Readers, do you agree this is a problem? Have any other ideas for fixing it?


One comment on “[GW2] Human Non-Elite Racial Skills Are Boring

  1. […] I noted before I find the human non-elite skills boring. After thinking about it more, here’s my ideas for more interesting, flavorful […]

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