[GW2] Server Selection

Choosing a home server is your first choice in Guild Wars 2, and it can’t be changed easily. Currently the only way to pick meaningfully is to coordinate with other people outside the game — I’d like to see more community info moved into the game.

For example, some ability to get a message that a server is the unofficial RP server, or Oceanic server, or some such, into the game. Possibly through messages on the official boards, with up-votes required to get it in-game? Or possibly some ability to set up a public guild everyone on the server can join, with a description of it given on the server selection screen.

It’d also be nice to have a friends list set up before playing (possibly including imports from Facebook and other services), so it could display what servers your friends have chosen.

Any other ideas for how to do this? Or ideas for a solid implementation?


2 comments on “[GW2] Server Selection

  1. pogorobot says:

    Why is ‘Home Server’ a thing in the first place?

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